We Craft Who We Are

I have always had a love of films and the props that help tell the story. I got into building props for a bit of fun, then ended building a replica Jeep from Jurassic Park. I was going to the comic cons before, but thanks to the Jeep I was getting invited to so many more. It's always amazing seeing everyone turning up sharing the same passions and showing the hard work that goes into their costumes.


This style of costume is called cosplay, a combination of the words costume play. It's a way of bringing someone's favourite character to life. It also shows a support for there fandom, in the same way as a sports fan would wear a football shirt. With a lot of the cosplayers its more than just the outfit, they become the character. Body language and way they talk can be just as important to make there creation a reality. It something that people of all types get  involved with and brings them together. Anyone can craft who they want to be. 

As I was going to the events I decided I should document what I saw. I started taking my Mamiya rb67 pro s along to shoot on 120 film. I wanted to get as much detail in as possible to show the work that goes into the amazing cosplays I was shooting. 


This is still a on going project.